Digging for Burgers Blog #9: Issues with Google Play

Well it was a horrible 24 hours. Things are tweaked, nothing related to Google Play Services worked when I went to sleep. Things are miraculously working after doing nothing as I slept. Proof that when you just give up, the other party starts working. I assume its because I had assigned beta and alpha to use Google Play Services when there is only an alpha version.

Google Play Store’s instant app refuses to let me upload an .apk as its not a base apk. Apparently that needs to be changed in Android Studio. So I need to wait 2 – 3 hours for the updates to go live to use Google Play Services as for whatever reason it says I’m disconnected whenever I use a test build. My first game on Android seems to work fine testing with a device connected to my PC or downloaded from Google Play Services. The code is copy pasted from that original game.

Added a few sound effects mostly for the menu. I have a composer working on music… because I couldn’t stop him.

Fixed a subtle and minor memory leak that shouldn’t be a memory leak as the DS GRID is removed properly. I assume it has to do with a globalvar being created before the DS GRID. So I took a different route where the game constantly uses the same DS GRID and a new one is never created or destroyed.

Other than that, I tweaked the size of the control visual aides.

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