Flame Sword #24: A Bigger Character


To fit more detail in the sprite, the character is now 25% taller, with more detail and a longer reach. With the taller character, a lot of the levels need to be worked, such as having transporter pads under spikes results in the player taking damage. Other areas have fans that prevent the player from narrowly missing the ceiling is now a blockage with a taller player. That’s all minor stuff considering the 15 or so levels in the game where first drafts to remember mechanics, enemies ideas even 9+ months after we started.


It has been a while, and we are getting the ball rolling again on the untitled game. There are more 10 or so more backgrounds, more attacks, more combos, sub weapons and abilities, and more enemies, but nothing is ready to be seen. There are around 15+ sub weapons at the moment, many may not make it into the game, so we’re not going to show them off until we’ve cemented them into the game. They are all fun in their own unique ways, but a few of them overlap in their usefulness.

Hopefully there’s still interest in the game.

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