Balloon Popping Pigs Update 1.3 The Players Asked for It

Here are the short details:
– Added a new background, crumble canyon.
– Added quick presses move character selects faster than holding down.
– Added the ability to back out of pick a pig and return to the title screen.
– Added purple parrot to replace the top parrots. Purple parrots will fly up to become top parrots. If you are quick enough you can pop their balloon.
– Added a new pick a pig select screen to replace the old one. This is better for two players and readability.
– Modified pig unlocks from 75 coins to 50 coins. New players will now start with 40 coins rather than 50 coins.
– Modified player balloons to shift when they are popped so balloons on the far side will become centered.
– Modified mouse / touch select for pick a pig. You now select the pig before you confirm it with a second click.
– Modified point text popup colors to aqua and lime when leveling up and when being given double points from consecutive balloon pops without jumping.
– Fixed daily and weekly leaderboards.

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Balloon Popping Pigs Update: A Lot of Little Things

In this update there are a lot of little things that people have suggested that should enhance the game:

– Added friends leaderboard to single player game over screen.
– Added secret duck mode.
– Added secret pony mode.
– Added a balloon bonus if all cakes are caught during Catch the Cake bonus. This should make catching the cakes feel more satisfying.
– Added control scheme for mouse only (mouse and arrows had worked before).
– Added coin sound.
– Added exit button to game over screen.
– Added game over to give you coins for every 250 points.
– Modified title screen menu buttons to move at 2x the speed.
– Replaced difficult to read box font with easy to read, typical font.
– Modified cakes in 2 player mode to drop mirrored on each side of the screen.
– Modified the dropping cakes to spawn closer to one another to give the player a better chance at  catching them.
– Modified star balloons to appear starting at 200 points and then double the amount plus 100 for each star balloon after that. So 200, 500, 1100, 2300
– Modified the frog to stay away during catch the cake bonuses.

Here is a photo of the new single player game over screen:


AquaNimble: January 2017 Updates

While January 2017 is still going, its been a while since I posted on the official website. So here are the updates for the past 5 weeks.

Update 1.5.8 Spinning Shooter Skulls & Scrapyard

– Added 4 more achievements based on XP (XP is score added up over each play)
– Added achievement “S3x10” for killing 10 Spinning Shooter Skulls.
– Added a new ship skin “Sentinel.”
– Modified the scrap yard shop menu to move faster when you hold an arrow key from 1/4th of a second to 1/10th.
– Modified all menus to allow input presses to move the cursor faster rather than only holding inputs to move the menu cursor.
– Fixed Hyper Jolt vessel always saving as locked.
– Fixed achievement for “That’s Quite a Showcase.”
– Modified spinning shooter skulls to shoot half as many projectiles at greater angles so its easier to weave between projectiles.
– Modified some player projectiles to look more fierce.
– Modified achievement “Fit as a Flounder” to be 100 points rather than 1,000.
– Modified a few achievement icons.

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Pre-Release Update 6: Too Much Information

– Added in game manual.
– Added music to be in stereo.
– Added previous and next 10 to the leaderboards now that there are more than 10 names.
– Added a screen stretch to the windowed mode.
– Added version number to the title screen.
– Fixed Steam cloud overwriting files when you reset save and score data.

Pre-Release Update 4 & 5: Multiple Controllers used by Multiple Players

Pre-Release Update 4

– Added selectable control methods for 2 players. Such as player 1 can use controller 2. Two players can share 1 computer, one player can use a controller while the other uses the keyboard. A single player still has their control method detected.
– Removed controller rumble when using mouse controls
– Modified score background so it is more legible.
– Fixed rare issue with the game not loading scores correct.
– Fixed more font issues.
– Fixed crash related to the Unipig and 2 players.

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Balloon Popping Pigs Greenlit and a release road map

Balloon Popping Pigs was Greenlit on Steam yesterday so thank you to everyone who voted over the past 6 months. The store page should be available soon.

A lot of the necessary Steam integration was made before the game was Greenlit. Here is a short road map of what needs to get done before the game is available to the public:

– Cards
– Badges
– Emoticons
– Backgrounds
– Achievements

– Leaderboards
– Cloud Integration
– New Trailer

Invasion from OctorSpace Update 2: How To Play

The How to Update is now live

There is nothing monumental here in OctorSpace, but it does fix a crash with one of the bosses.

– Added menu item for “how to play” with a database of information.
– Fixed crash with seeking enemies when the player dies.
– Improved game’s detection to determine if you’re currently using a controller or keyboard.
– Modified the broad beam now fires three projectiles at random angles to make the weapon feel unique.

Invasion from OctorSpace Update 1: Tweaks

Update 1: Tweaks

– Added different enemy waves.
– Modified controller to no longer rumbles if you play with the keyboard even if you start with using the controller and change to the keyboard.
– Modified default screen shake and rumble to 70%.
– Modified 4th boss AI to be more challenging.
– Modified meteors to seek out the player in 6 seconds rather than 10.
– Modified missiles and detector drones to shoot at living enemies.
– Fixed crash with specific debug options.

AquaNimble version 1.5 The Achievement Fix Update

Version 1.5 is here and its full of fixes for achievements, exploits and a memory leak. Thank you to everyone who reported the issues!

– Fixed a memory leak from the last update that would lead to a crash later in the game.
– Fixed the Boss Rush infinite loop. (this was fixed in a mini update)
– Fixed an exploit to get easy S tokens
– Fixed an exploit for an easy 1CC and campaign completion achievements
– Fixed ‘Unbeatable’ achievement
– Fixed ‘For a Rainy Day’ achievement
– Fixed ‘Was there an ending?’ achievement
– Fixed ‘Shower Survived’ achievement

Version 1.5.1

– Fixed the quick instructions
– Modified quick instructions to stay until you press an action

For anyone watching these updates who still has not purchased a copy of AquaNimble, its still on sale at 60% off for a limited time.

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