PABAPU Controller Rumble and Input Methods

Between last night and today, I added a bunch of minor stuff that involves the input methods and how to show people what’s available. Rumble support for controllers was added, because if there’s one thing no one asked for beyond in game achievements, it’s rumble support for controllers. While it enhances the feel of the game, it is a bit subtle.

The player can grab a controller, push a button and the game will indicate that the player is now using the controller. It is the same for the keyboard too. Press a key and the keyboard icon will appear and blink. After two seconds, the input methods begin to fade away. At three seconds, the icons have faded into invisibility.

– Added rumble support for controllers.
– Added start button as a pause button while in game instead of just back / select / B button.
– Added visuals to let you know there is both controller and keyboard support.
– Modified the reset data button to be disabled when playing the game.
– Added a new sound effect when collecting stars. The old star sound affect is now the achievement sound effect. There are more sound effects in different places.
– Modified the game to tell the player keyboard instructions when using the keyboard and controller instructions when using a controller rather than both sets of instructions.
– Fixed back button in pause menu.
– Fixed back button from achievements to return to the pause menu rather than unpausing the game.

That’s all I can think of to add at this point. So time to get back to sitting on the game.

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