Untitled Project with a Flame Sword

This untitled project is about slashing dangerous robots in half with a flame sword. It’s still early in production, but with traffic flowing here to drinkingnails.com for more information, I thought I’d make this page with more information about the lack of information.

In the meantime, feel free to read the blog or follow on Twitter with @drinkingnails.

It is a game about feel. How it feels to run, jump off walls up a chamber and hang off the ledge of a moving platform while a giant robot looks down at you ready to punch you. How it feels to slash that and any robot in half with sparks, pieces and explosions flying.

Sizzle Reel:

DrinkingNails, LLC.

Release Date:

Unknown and unreleased


Unknown and unreleased

QUICK FEATURES (not much, but more details will be added)
– Fast paced combat
– Levels with forward motion with a few secrets and alternative routes
– Puzzles
– Single Player



Programmed by:
Geoffrey Johnson @drinkingnails

With Pixel Art from:
Angell @pixelangell

And original music by:
No music currently

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