Flame Sword: Blog #11: Bullet Tennis with Roboronins


I also paid the Roboronin slasher a visit. As mentioned in the edited last update, they can now deflect projectiles just as the player can. When they deflect, they move forward for better or worse. Pit in front of them? Jump in! It’s part of a different thinking sort of element to out think enemies rather than engage them. It’s either you falling in the pit from taking damage or them falling in a pit.


With another four segments for Twitter done, it’s been 2 weeks, so a new level was stitched together and finalized. These levels designed from what I post on Twitter are devoid of new level mechanics, but the levels stand out because of the new foes. Instead of giving the player a choice of which section to go through to cut down on difficulty and level time, I was fine with forcing players to go through the entire thing as an obviously tough and action packed level. It makes this level six minutes long for me, but it’s a lot of fun, since I had to dazzle Twitter, there’s a lot of different things, ideas and mechanics going on.

Running through the weekly play through, it was around 45 minutes to get through everything. According to the best times, the ball park is around 35 minutes.


A lot of the initial art focus was on the protagonist as there are dozens of little animations that get little tweaks like adding a yellow belt and what not. This week had a focus on grander art for the protagonist while I chipped away at adding more enemies. The game finally has a spawn animation and in a way I can argue it’s a bit much, but in another way it gets noticed:

The artist can do so much more than pixel art, and here’s a quick sketch of the protagonist.

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