Flame Sword: Blog #10: The Roboronin Slasher


Most of last week was spent on promoting the game and the long climb to get the untitled game noticed. There was still enough time to fit in a new foe. The slasher is something different to diversify the foes. Attack it from the front, and you will get hit. Attack it from above and you will get hit. Instead, the tactic is to leap over and either keep running or slash it’s spine if you want them dead. There are situations in the game where you’ll have to kill all the enemies to open a gate. Since jumping over them and running away seems too easy, they will jump every 2 seconds and they will attack in the air to swat you back down.

The animation with these roboronins is too subtle to truly be noticed among the chaos of all that happens on screen. They squat down, wiggle their fingers and their tunics sway. They will even stand up if you move away from them as they ease up their guard.

With that said, they do stand and wait for bullets like idiots when these are the only foes that should be deflecting bullets to the player. That’s a tweak for the future. Adding these and other enemies to the past 8+ demo levels should increase the combat even if the focus of the demo levels was to demonstrate level mechanics.
The real downfall of this one minute area is the fact that I never slash killed any of these roboronins for their death animations. That and the fact these specific sections to demonstrate the new foe takes a few hours, but as long as we’re climbing the ladder of promotion it’s all worth it. These small sections of level are also good for programming, as I discover all sorts of little issues I would have never thought of.
You get to see several ways to motivate the player in this section. Being chased by a tumbler, since they are undefeatable and can even survive explosions.  Having the player forced to leap over the slashers only to land where hover mines will detonate keeps the player moving.


We all love seeing glitches and problems. Here you go, a corpse fountain:

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