Digging for Burgers Blog #16: Tweaks from Feedback #2

In yesterday’s session:
– Modified fry shooters no longer shoot when you’re next to them. It makes the game far easier during the areas with fry shooters.
– Added touch screen mode, for the one person I know that has a Windows tablet. When you start the game it informs you grab a controller and press a key or grab a keyboard and press a button or touch the hand to use touch screen controls. The touch the hand thing was added because originally it was touch the screen and people with a mouse felt the game had mouse support, which it has zero mouse support other than a touch screen acts like mouse support. To hinder people from clicking on the hand themselves, I removed the mouse cursor.
– Added new tile themes. It helps with challenge mode having assigned themes and it will help the trailer have more diversity.

Three more people play tested yesterday. One feedback was great, one feedback was thorough from a person who tackled the challenge mode. The last feedback was a screenshot proving he had played. Today someone will test the Android version.

Today I will probably make a trailer to prepare for when the game has music.

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