Digging for Burgers Blog #15: Tweaks from Feedback

Another day of digging in the code mine.

Two friends played it. One of the friends was a harsher critic, and managed to make it through a loop of 1,000 depths his first play so I tweaked a bunch of things.
– No touch’ems are now animated to look different than death blocks.
– Death blocks are now no dig’ems.
– Shooters were added to the arcade mode at 500 depths which takes about 4 minutes of playtime to reach. Shooters appear once every 25 depths and more often as the player goes deeper until the end of the loop. Shooters will only appear once per depth.
– Crushers tremble far more before they close inward. When crushers tremble, the player’s energy flashes orange as well.
– Specific crusher information was added to the how to play manual.
– “Arcade” and “Challenges” are now “Arcade Mode” and “Challenge Mode.”
– Collecting health items illuminates the energy green for a second.
– Fixed “constant burger” issue where burgers refused to disappear after they left the play area so you could see a pixel or two.
– Fixed issue where blocks would appear beyond the crushers that moved inward. Now when the crushers have moved, the blocks are removed as they spawn rather than getting removed 1 pixel into the screen.
– Modified chili burger system to scan even further for no touch’ems to not drop the player into no touch’ems when the chili burger wears off. Before it scanned 4 tiles further, now it scans even more.

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