Digging for Burgers Blog #14: Controls


The composer wants a PC version as he only has an iPhone and I only have an Android. So I spent time polishing the PC version. Most of the polish was dedicated to the game controller system in two player mode. Getting 2 different controllers to control 2 different players. Smoothing out those issues.

A controls reminder is now setup on the back wall when the player starts to remind the player how to play.



With so much focus on the controls, I wrote out a 1,000+ word manual to put in game. The new menu is the “how to play” menu located in the mode selection menu.



The game loops after 1,000+ depths (rows). I am finally at the point where I can loop or almost loop when I play the arcade. With this skill, I have now added bonus points and a big flashing statement that scrolls up the screen when you achieve it. The player is given 50,000 bonus points for each loop.

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