Balloon Popping Pigs Update 1.5.7: Pig Discoverability

A quick update to celebrate the anniversary of Balloon Popping Pigs on Steam. This update focuses on putting a spotlight on where to unlock and purchase the pigs as it seems to be the most common issue.

– Added random pig selection by holding down when selecting a pig.
– Added the pig unlock system to pick a pig as well as the pause menu where it originally was.
– Modified shop icon of a pig sitting in a cart.
– Modified unlocking a pig to return you to the store rather than the pause menu.
– Modified a lot of the popup texts in game to appear beneath the pause menu rather than over it.
– Fixed visiting the pig selection via the pause menu from unpausing the game if you backed out.
– Fixed an issue that would prevent text from telling the player they did not have enough coins to buy a gift.

Steam Version:
You can buy it for around a dollar in most currencies here:

Free Android Version:
Otherwise, the free version is available on Android here:

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