Adding Previous Features to Revamped Systems

Last night, I was fixing a fresh crop of bugs with all my new improvements. The first bug was the pause menu. In fact the entire thing was just a bug itself. So with the pause menu, I had remade the pause system itself which is when you press a pause button, the game pauses and a menu comes up. To make it more twisted, the new version has a pause menu that is player specific and allows for only that player to move around the menu.

The issue last night was in the pause menu, there are several other menus. So in those several other menus, other players could call their own pause menu. Which just really disrupts the game when there are 4 pause menus over top of one another. That has now been fixed and I have a better restriction to make certain no one but the player who paused the game can use the menu. Before it was whoever paused, and whomever was using a keyboard.

Another issue that has always been there is the pause music resets the song when you go back into the game. When I remade the pause system, I had forgotten about that the pause menu had its own theme. That theme is back for the pause menu and all sub menus. Its now better, because the game saves the music position so it can be called when you get out of the menu. That’s just a little bug fix that took quite some time.

With the new vessel select system, I had forgotten to add the red hit box display when making your selection. Well that was easy enough to add back in. This is only to bring back the features that were in the previous selection. The next feature to restore will be seeing the bullets firing as you make your selection.

A minor nuance to the selection is when you are selecting, the entire box has the player’s color lit up with the cursor. Before that upgrade, each cursor was 25% of the box so that way all 4 players could be on the same cursor. They still can, but now if there are no other cursors on that vessel, the cursor takes the entire box.

While I am here talking, I gave the four player mode a shot by my lonesome with a single controller. The real version of the game only allows one control method per player to prevent such things. Playing with four players went smooth, although like I have mentioned before, its just a slaughter. I need to up the boss health for each additional player. Oh and another thing is I need to make it so the level bonus is divided by players. Right now each player gets the same amount and that turns into an exploit because cash is tied to the score.

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