Vessel Selection Overhaul Complete

I have spent a lot of time this past week overhauling the menu, but now its done. Well as done as anything involving programming can be. Changes may happen, issues may be found. I am happy with how it looks and its the best it could look for a 4 player same screen selection process that has to show the bullets.

There are now button icons and logos. You can even change the preset during the selection process, although I think I may flip the “ready” and “preset” buttons. The shoot button should be the ready button, but I’ll see how it feels.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time adding the old features to the new system. Features like the vessels firing bullets during the selection process. I still need to add in the ability to buy a ship during the selection process, but since there is no way to purchase one in the demo its a low priority.

Today’s session was about fixing other issues and minor enhancements. The music is now fixed and now starts where it left off before you went into the menu. The level end screen now fits all four players rather than only three. I fixed an issue where when you saved the brightness, the value would be randomized. You can now take a screenshot anywhere in the game including the menus. To balance out multiplayer, each enemy has more health per player. It will be interesting if your allies are out of lives, you have the burden of dealing with tougher enemies. That may change, but until then… good luck.

There are still a few more things on the plate for the D19 update, but once that version releases, I will put more focus into the rest of the game beyond the demo.

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