AquaNimble is Close to Version D19

After ten or so days of work, I’m almost ready to release AquaNimble’s version D19. Today’s programming session added the ability to purchase vessels during the vessel selection screen. It was in the D18 version, but overhauling a few systems, I forgot to add it back. There is now a method to prevent and tell you that you fail the requirements to make the purchase. In the demo there is no way to even purchase a vessel. If you fail the requirements and to to purchase the red requirement text will increase in size so you know what’s going on.

New to AquaNimble is a random vessel selection. There was always a quick play menu item that lets you jump into the game without choosing a ship, but now there’s a system in the selection itself. My goal with this revamp was to make it as fighting game as possible. You see all the vessels, you all ready up and you can have the game pick a random one to play as.

The quick instructions have been improved where the font is now larger so people that have a small window can read it better. After watching a lot of let’s plays people would see it for five seconds and never put the instruction to use. The quick instructions are now vessel specific so a vessel that goes slower or uses an alternate weapon will tell you that. It always has told you that in the vessel selection, but now so does the quick instruction before each game.

Other than that, the background behind both the pause and game over menus are now shaded. It was always like that, but I redid the pause menu and the game over system to improve them. The enter initials system is out of the code now. Before it was just out of the game, now it is out of the code because it will require you to log into Steam so why have initials when you can have user names?

The rumble system is now found outside of the presets and has its own little menu item in the control configuration of the settings. At the moment, its rumble for none or rumble for all rather than specific by player. That may change in the future, but I will wait for feedback.

There have been rumble problems over the past day or more. For whatever reason the game stops reading the rumble object. So I after trying a few different things, I moved some code around to compensate and add the object back if its ever removed from the game while playing.

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