ViralMarket: Added Quick Achievements

The game keeps a steady march to completion. Next up on the roadmap was a quick achievement system since the game is a standalone product right now. It might give more incentive to keep playing when there are achievements. Nothing overly complex, just a scale of achievements that ramps up.

First up was the actual list of achievements held in a humble text file:

As you can see, they are not numbered, which allows for an infinite amount. 25+ achievements seemed like a good number, so let’s go with that.

From there, the game pulls in all achievements from the text file, and sets up a database of what has been unlocked, and when it was unlocked. The game can save achievements unlocked to the game settings and load from the same mechanism.

With that done, the next task was to show it to the player somehow. There are two menus in the game, the title screen menu and GUI menu in game. For the rough draft, the achievements were put in the title screen menu. It’s a basic and limited menu with one item menu at a time. This is what it looks like:

You can see the number, the name, whether its achieved or not, and when it was achieved. Very simple, because the title screen menu might be recreated at a later date.

Now to add the achievement popup in game. There’s already a text popup system, so that was tied in with whenever an achievement was achieved. Here’s a simple “Level 15” achievement that pops up when a character reaches the level.

That’s it. No frills, just a demonstration of 25+ achievements.

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