ViralMarket: Sink Shimmy Mini Game

Looks at design notes: “Hand washing in sinks should restore health via simple timing mini game.” Well is that all? Since this project has gone on for about two years now, it’s good to have design notes to remember the things that were discussed when a project first began.

However, you may not have remembered how truly simple it was meant to be. A test of the battle meter so players could get the timing of the battle meter. Instead, you may go off the deep end and make some grander timing mini game as seen below:

In hindsight, it is a bit excessive demo to get the gameplay right. What you see above is the easy version. It takes 30 seconds, it goes slow enough, it is mostly just the same two directions. The more challenging difficulty has all four directions used, and even that feels manageable.

Since the game has five difficulties, the more challenging difficulties last longer and the mini game goes faster.

While the player is graded 0 – 100%, a passing grade is considered 20%. That 20% will give the player full health. That is not good enough for good players. At 60% it restores the party’s mana. At 80%, the player finds random money. At 90%, the player finds more random money. 95% will give each party member a full limit for use in battle. It gets pretty demanding to get 90% or above, but it is possible to get 100%.

Since these sinks have such incredible rewards, each sink can only be used once. The interesting facet about these faucets is the fact the player doesn’t just need to traverse past them on their journey, but they need to come back through the same path to the front of the store where the checkout is. Do you use the sink on your way to collect items on your shopping list or do you use the sinks on your way back?

The game has special sink rooms. The player can set how often these sink rooms spawn in game. The default at the moment is every 5 rooms will spawn a sink room.

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