ViralMarket: Abilities

Since ViralMarket is both a role-playing game and procedural generated, player failure will happen and force the player to start from nothing again. To keep players interested beyond one game over, the player receives a score for a game over. This score can be spent in the ability shop.

Before we get to the ability shop, before the player plays the game, the player can set up to four abilities. These abilities are bought from the ability shop. The shop has four abilities to purchase. These abilities are for things like higher attack rates, more health gained per level-up, more health at the start of the game, more stamina, and so on. There are 30 types in all that each do something different. Each ability has a level from 1 – 10.

Please entertain the rough draft of the ability setup:

Since the player can set four active abilities, these abilities can overlap and stack. So the player can set four level 10 Mule abilities, which would be equal to a level 40 Mule ability. The four ability slots will prevent things from getting too out of balance in game.

The abilities in the shop start at level 1 – 2, but as the player purchases higher leveled skills, the shop will get that level plus one. A level 2 ability owned by the player means the shop can have level 3 abilities in the shop.

There are only 4 abilities in the shop at a time. The player can spend some points to refresh the shop with 4 fresh abilities to purchase. This keeps an endless cycle of playing the game, getting points with a victory, or game over, then spending the points to get more abilities to make it further into the game on the next play.

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