AquaNimble Update Incoming pt 3

The third week of information updates is here. These informational updates are all building to the five year anniversary update of AquaNimble. Reading back through the bullet points, it seems like the main focus was on the player colors. There are now more places with the player branded color schemes and now the player can set their own color.

  • Added in game manual with only English language support, but can be translated.
  • Modified layout of player select screen.
  • Added setting so all 4 players could change their color between 20+ preset colors.
  • Modified end level screen to make it more color coordinated with the new player color branding.
  • Modified game over screen heavily and designed it far better for 4 players.
  • Fixed typical projectile color back to a humble blue rather than an ugly randomization of every color available.
  • Modified control buttons to look better since they had been shrank down.
  • Added continue from game over while others are playing. Game over for 10 seconds before player can rejoin.
  • Modified “level-up meter” of the end level and game over screens to be “rank-up meter.”
  • Added more information about ranks, rank-ups, and the next token to the rank-up screen.
  • Fixed a glitch where bigger enemies would spawn 4 weapons rather than the maximum allowed on screen of 3.
  • Fixed language support for level select being incorrect.
  • Modified the look of the damage popup numbers.
  • Added different barrels for the satellites.
  • Modified satellites shooting dual and twin shots have less distance between the projectiles launched.
  • Fixed high score file glitch that would prevent it from being loaded.
  • Removed interactive instructions. Seemed redundant when there’s a manual and quick instructions.


With more emphasis put into the multiplayer of AquaNimble, players aren’t just different colors, now they can select their own color in the settings menu. There are over twenty colors to chose from, and players cannot share the same color so players can still recognize their own color.


The settings menu to set the player colors. This has since changed to be “Player 1 color” and so on.
Seeing the player colors in action.
The new blue bullets from enemies.
Modified end level screen

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