AquaNimble Update Incoming pt2

The major focus this week continued to be player usability. Making it easier for players to understand what they’re getting into and stay in the game without having to go back to menus. Things like adding quick join during gameplay. Selecting vessels during the quick join process. In time that will turn into death lets a new vessel be selected if not continues select vessels. The new Kids Mode should make the game easier to play through the entirety. There was always an easy difficulty, but Kids Mode is setup to be easier accessed without digging through menus. Now with title screen menu item descriptions new players can find what they’re looking for much faster.

Here is everything from this week’s worth of progress on the 5 year anniversary update:

  • Added different colors for player ships and skins when playing multiplayer. Blue, red, yellow, green.
  • Fixed the black void that would appear in the background.
  • Fixed controller back button not working in title screen menus.
  • Added quick instructions ability to determine a ship’s giga shot charge time rather than a fixed 5 seconds.
  • Added language support for vessel difference descriptions.
  • Modified scrapyard menu scrolling to be slower at 1/6th of a second rather than 1/10th.
  • Added HUD ability to be transparent when objects are beneath without making the entire HUD transparent.
  • Modified the number of cashes for bonus from 500 to 1,000.
  • Modified the method that the power-ups spread away from one another so there aren’t two overlapping.
  • Added language support for the tips.
  • Added title screen menu item descriptions.
  • Added player join during gameplay system.
  • Added player select vessel during gameplay.
  • Modified “power trip” easy difficulty to “kids” difficulty.
  • Added “Play kids Mode” to compliment the Play Arcade. Kids mode is the arcade mode on an easier difficulty rather than having to setup a custom game and fiddle with difficulties.

There will probably be two more updates like these before AquaNimble gets updated on Steam. There are still some things to be added to enhance the player’s experience.

Until then, here are some screenshots highlighting this week’s updates:

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