AquaNimble Update Incoming

AquaNimble, the fast paced overhead shooter that started DrinkingNails will be getting an update sometime in the near future. Almost 5 years after it’s initial release on Steam, the game hasn’t been updated for two full years. Since then, as other games have been forged, the feedback for AquaNimble has trickled in.

The focus is mostly on enhancing the game’s ease of access without altering the game’s fun. Here is everything already finished for the next update:

  • Added new HUD for four players located in four corners.
  • Added new player colors + player icons to determine who controls what vessel.
  • Added big notification when player collects power ups.
  • Added smaller notification when player collects power ups near their HUD.
  • Added ship color outline around the vessel when giga shot is charged.
  • Added quick instructions to show all players.
  • Added gauge around the player to show when the combo timer is almost up.
  • Added gauge around the player for life bar.
  • Added specials remaining to be towed behind the player.
  • Added menu to use start button on controller in addition to the A button that was already used.
  • Added power-up names and descriptions to the language files.
  • Modified the top achievements to lower the bar so they are more obtainable.
  • Fixed sound in pause menu.
  • Fixed Boss Rush completion looping the end sequence.

There are still a lot more updates to add before the new enhancements are available to the public.

Now for a smattering of new screenshots:

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