CoronApocalypse #4: Karen Empowered & More Foes


CoronApocalypse has slowly progressed, and it is still going. Over the past few months more enemies have been added. Seen below are Scaren and the Terrafiers. The Terrafiers will solidify itself into rock for defense, making attacks useless against them. Once they are free from their rock form, they will attack by launching projectiles. The projectiles arc and hit where they’re aiming which was a challenge for physics on a 3D plane.

As for Scaren, this creature empowers its allies giving them increased attack power, increased aggression and slightly increased defense. She wants to speak to your party’s manager.


Previously, the battle system had everyone’s agility increasing a meter to determine who took their turn next. Then when the player was deciding what to do, the action would stop. Now when the player is making a long decision, the foes will keep taking their turns to put more emphasis on expedient decisions. Once the player commits to an action, the character will take it’s turn.

For testing purposes, the agility speed is cranked up to make turns happen 5x faster for the sake of a quicker video. The animations remain just as swift.


Stay safe and wash your hands.

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