AquaNimble Update Incoming pt 4

We’re now up to about 95+ things added, modified, tweaked, or twisted for AquaNimble’s big new update. Since the fourth week of updates wasn’t that dazzling, this update was postponed a bit to have more sparkle in the form of a new way that players get added to the game and a pair of new sprites to replace smaller ones.

The original method to add players to AquaNimble was a bit cumbersome. You pick how many players in the play menu, then you pick all four control methods, and then jump into selecting the vessels. Now the game will just let you jump into the pick a vessel. If you started the vessel selection, you’re already the first player using that input device. Then any other player after that can join in and a new player will be dropped in using the method they used.
  • Added controller + keyboard icons for the control scheme selection of the player selection.
  • Added new larger skull sprite to replace the bullet dropper.
  • Added big mouth bass sprite to replace the waver enemy.
  • Added feedback to shipyard menu to inform players why they can’t purchase rather than having tokens in red.
  • Added notices for controllers plugging-in and getting unplugged.
  • Added different look for the notifications.
  • Added button to exit game from the title screen.
  • Added language support to version number.
  • Removed initial input selection since the game detects input from any device.
  • Fixed rocket colors to take on the proper color.
  • Fixed projectiles turning red when fps dips. Now it is relegated to happen if the debugger is enabled.
  • Fixed clown beam not working at all.
  • Fixed rare situation of satellites not being destroyed when player is.
  • Fixed custom game damage taken being inaccurate.
  • Added player drop out function in the pause menu.
  • Added various back buttons to unpause rather than just the pause button or return to game to unpause.
  • Modified destroying torpedoes to no longer give points.
  • Modified Quatron’s weapon switch to be a random weapon and only if giga shot is charged.
  • Removed player amount selection + control selection method before selecting vessels.
  • Added players can join game during the initial vessel selection process.
  • Added when completing the game the difficulty goes up.
  • Removed boss rush from level select since there aren’t any levels in boss rush.
  • Removed back menu item from level list since there is an actual back button on the controller and keyboard.
  • Fixed screen shots in menu background.
  • Modified the look of the high score table and text.
  • Modified the look of the shipyard table and text.
  • Fixed shipyard menu working beneath of the buy menu confirmation.
  • Fixed notices not showing up.
  • Modified game over screen to come after the player’s explosion ripple rather than at the player explosion.
  • Fixed countless things with the menu verbiage.
  • Fixed a crash when transitioning screenshots in the title screen background.
  • See the ships that need to be unlocked along with their shooting patterns before you purchase them.
  • Fixed a rare crash from enemy bullets.
  • Fixed one of the explosions making a sound when the sound volume is turned off.
  • Modified homing torpedoes out of satellites to fire slower.
  • Fixed the ugliness with the big menu font.
  • Fixed a rare crash with shellers trying to find a new leader of their pod.
  • Added HUD opaqueness to replace remove HUD. They can do the same thing, but one goes 0 – 100% in steps of 10, the other didn’t.
  • Modified game logo to be smaller in the pause menu.
  • Modified keyboard default B keys to use X and C rather than Z and X, because German keyboards reverse the Y and Z keys.
  • Fixed campaign menu going back to the title screen menu rather than play menu.

Seen below is a glimpse at the new big mouth sprites that replace smaller ships. It didn’t seem like small ships should make giant lasers. Their health has been boosted as well, making them more of a challenge than they ever were.

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