Collector Kyle gets a Forth Level

Working on other projects, I’ve advanced the Collector Kyle engine to include moving platforms and a few bug fixes. With moving platforms now added, that felt like a good enough reason to add a big extra level to Collector Kyle.

The problem with Collector Kyle is the levels are so large, so it takes a good twelve hours from start to finish to make them. Time is all relative, but unless there’s something fresh or new why stick with the same monotony?

Even with the new moving platforms its tough to keep the game looking like you’re making progress through stage after stage. The challenge of Collector Kyle in general was to use what I had and stay on that path.

With all the tree parts, I can assemble trees, so I made a bunch of topless dead trees for the background, but looking at dead trees with a blue background looked too vacant and empty. So then it was time to experiment and change the background to maroon. A red, nightmarish red value with dead trees goes a long way to making that level feel unique even when using the same tileset.

I may just yet manage to stretch Collector Kyle into an 8 level game! For now, you finish the four levels and then head into the snow season. In the future four snow levels will be made to wrap it all up and make it finished.

Well, back to work on AquaNimble’s background performance update.

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