Collector Kyle’s Updates in 1 Week

Collector Kyle was kicked out the door last week here on the website. Rather than make a new page for each update like I do for AquaNimble, here are all the updates for Collector Kyle!

UPDATE 6: Title Screen
– Added a title screen.
– Added a title screen menu with options.

UPDATE 5: More Songs, More Fixes
– Added 2 new songs.
– Added a new sign.
– Added player knock back and stun when taking damage.
– Added an optional transition effect when moving room to room. It is available in the options menu.
– Fixed a rare issue with controller rumble never stopping.
– Modified text with two of the signs in the first level.
– Modified the first level so a certain box will not fall into a pit unless you continue pushing it.
– Fixed coin spray issue when player takes damage.
– Modified box in the first level so when it falls its gone forever.
– Fixed level exit bug with the standalone version of the game.
– Modified game to no longer pause as you’re pulled into the exit.
– Fixed sound sign glitch when using up on the analog stick.
– Modified levels to be stages. Snow stages are labeled as 1-B, 1-B and so on since they are the same set of stages, but with snow.
– Modified pushable objects to be pushed faster.

UPDATE 4: The Fourth Level
– Added fourth level.
– Improved collision code when pushing the player out of an object.
– Improved particle effect from collectables.
– Added moving platforms.
– Added pushable stones.
– Fixed a duplicated variable that I hope will fix a rare drop in frame rate. A specific 30 fps drop.

UPDATE 3: Controls
– Added an extra button to jump (Control)
– Added more buttons to run (Shift + Y). This should be better for German keyboards.

UPDATE 2: Stage Select
– Fixed WSAD keys.
– Stage select in the pause menu.

UPDATE 1: Minor Tweaks
– Fixed snow sign.
– Fixed down ladder animation.
– Added music.
– Added springboard jump sound.
– Improved ladder grabbing. Now you can be even further away while facing the ladder to grab on.

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