Flame Sword: Blog #2: Patrollers

We have gotten some positive feedback since the last blog. I’m hoping there will be more tile sets in the next few months to make the stages look different, even if they have a lot of different mechanics like magnets, turbines, water, secrets and other challenges good to go. While there’s nothing new to show art wise at this moment, since the artist is working on a pub hub, I figured I’d show off some other stuff that was made a month or so ago.

Patrollers are a weak enemy, they patrol areas. They’re not out to harm you, that’s just a coincidence. After all, if you were to get hit by a rolling robot, it would probably hurt. So they’re an obstacle, but you can still destroy them as you wish, but these happy helpers react when one of their comrades is slaughtered by some jerk with a fire sword:

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