It’s time to talk about the Flame Sword: Blog #1


This is an untitled game about slicing robots in half with a fire sword.

I like to keep a lot of projects secret, until I’m forced to show it off. Especially projects without names.

It’s been in production 2 months. There’s just not much to show as the game is full of placeholder art outside of these screenshots for now, but the little details will get done. Things like conveyor belts, magnets, and a variety of tilesets still need to have art.

This game is more about the feel. How it feels to run, jump off walls up a chamber and hang off the ledge of a moving platform while a giant robot looks down at you ready to punch you. How it feels to slash that and any robot in half with sparks, pieces and explosions flying.

Levels will dive you under water, launch you through the air, propel you through tunnels, send you falling down shafts, and let you face off against dangerous robots in a challenging, but fun experience.

The screenshots should speak for themselves:



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