Balloon Popping Pigs Update 1.6: User Usability Enhancement Update

– Added a mouse lock during gameplay to constrict the mouse inside the game window during windowed gameplay. *
– Added statements to confirmations on menus.
– Added more menu sounds.
– Modified menus. Left and right work as they visually should rather than working similar to up and down. Escape or B button on the controller now triggers back button.
– Fixed the automatic pause when the window is out of focus.
– Fixed a background shimmer effect when using lower resolutions.
– Fixed cloud arrangement for Night Pig.
– Fixed excessive bump sound effect when two pigs bump into one another.
– Fixed an issue with the countdown timer.
– Modified purple parrots to gradually turn blue after they’ve moved up.

* To go into more detail about the mouse lock in the windowed gameplay. If the game is paused or in a menu, you have full control of the mouse again, inside or outside of the game to click and drag the window or do whatever. It is still possible to accidentally click outside the window if you really try, but that’s why the auto pause is working if the window ever loses focus while playing.

A shout out and thank you to the person that reported the issue.

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