Balloon Popping Pigs: Update 1.6.1 & 1.6.2: Coins + Full Screen Fixes

Here is a pair of quick, back-to-back updates:

– Fixed coins not counting 100% of the time.
– Modified controller rumble with jumps to be more subtle.
– Modified the coin display to show in menus as well as the game.

Another quick update for people that ever get stuck in full screen mode:

– Added hot keys for full screen (ctrl + F) and windowed (ctrl + W).
– Modified game to start in windowed mode until the player modifies it and saves the settings.
– Modified full screen to be saved to the PC rather than the Steam Cloud file in case you ever jump PCs.
– Modified Alt + Enter to not only toggle between full screen and windowed as always, but it will maximize the windowed screen size as much as your screen will allow.
– Modified the sprite font so the lowercase X looks more like an X.

Don’t let your balloons get popped! Have a pigtastic day!

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