Digging for Burgers Blog #19 Tweaks from Feedback #4

Fresh testers tested the game and returning players kept playing the challenge mode. As always, the game was tweaked here and there.

– Added a new challenge to better explain the crushers work via the player’s energy. The common question and or theory is the crushers happened at specific depths.
– Added the ability to get to the title screen directly from a game over by pressing the back button.
– Added the start of two music tracks. The panic mini song and the playing in game song. The music system was also smoothed out to keep track of the in game song when a player visits the pause menu and that theme plays or when a jingle is played.
– Added in game achievements and in game achievement unlock system rather than relying on Google Play and Steam achievements. This expedites achievement testing, because they use the same achievement codes, unlocking them in game will ensure they can be unlocked in Google Play Services and Steam.
– Added brief instructions on menu buttons such as Enter or the green A button to confirm and Escape or the red B button to go back.
– Added a mega score for long term achievements. Long term meaning 2 – 3 hours, but its based on a combination of other scores found in the stats section.
– Added more achievements reliant on the Mega Score and a few other select outfits. There are now 45 achievements which seems a bit excessive, but the game has grown.
– Added different exit confirmation statements. Once you exit the game, a different one will show next and cycle through.
– Added an exit screen that lasts for 4 seconds and shows a statement mostly for publicity. It uses the same cycle system as the exit confirmation statements.
– Modified how the Android directional pad works. It still looks like a 4 way D-pad, but now it works more like an analog stick with 360 degrees, even if its still just 4 directions.
– Modified the player’s movement to be 20% faster and the jump lets the player move 50% faster. The movement speed while in air was increased to hopefully cross gaps.
– Modified the two Firehouse challenges to only spawn chili burgers between the second and eighth blocks rather than between the first and ninth.
– Modified the HUD to correct a few minor issues.
– Modified reset data system so you only need to click it and confirm rather than select yes, then exit settings and confirm.
– Fixed an issue where the crushers weren’t creating an explosion of pieces of blocks they destroyed.

In other news, I kept detailing some more art for the game. In total this has been a three hour long process. First hand drawing the art and then enhancing it with colors.

IFck3LD - Imgur

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