Digging for Burgers Blog #18 The Meat Grinder

A tester managed to break a few of the time survival challenges. To rectify things, a meat grinder was added to the survival challenges and other challenges in the future.

The mighty meat grinder appears at the top of specific challenge stages and moves down at a slow place. Despite its always slow pace, if the player begins to leave it behind, it will always be dragged down so it is never far behind. This will keep the player moving forward because its intimidating to see it grind up the blocks as it churns.

A new set of challenges has been added bringing the current total to 26. These are the Firehouse I & II where the player needs to collect chili burgers in order to break through no dig’ems. This puts more of an emphasis on lateral digging and even path finding how to get chili burgers that are perched higher than the player.

Even minor issues are getting smoothed out as more people play test the game. Production has slowed down as there’s nothing to be added without making the game much grander than it is.

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