OctorSpace now has a Steam Store Page

OctorSpace will be the next game to make its way to Steam from DrinkingNails. It now has a store page even if its unavailable for purchase.

For anyone who has been following development here or elsewhere, OctorSpace has changed from Invasion from OctorSpace. Since the original, the Steam version will include a lot more features like a level editor, more campaigns, more enemies, redid the art, upgrades, power ups, pilots to chose from and so on

Here are a quick list of features:

– 3 pre made campaigns with 18 levels, hidden levels and secrets.
– Level editor lets you make levels and campaigns
– Procedural wave generation both from scratch and from pre built wave formations and patterns
– Different and unlockable pilots that affect stats
– More than a dozen power ups
– 3 default weapons you can change on the fly
– 7 extra weapons that shoot with drones and have limited ammo
– Shields that recharge when you shoot something
– Fun special attacks that are always charging. They charge more when you’re not shooting.
– 30+ enemy types
– Level editor lets you assign power ups to enemies for even more diversity
– Animated enemies
– Health lets you take plenty of damage along with a rechargeable shield that reflects projectiles
– 3 selectable vessels each with their own default weapons and specials
– Selectable Weapons to configure your ship
– Up to 2 players with multiple controller and keyboard support along with key rebinding

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