OctorSpace Update: Timer and Enemy Exclusive Powers


Looks like I laid the groundwork for this before, but enemies have exclusive powers like explode and carry things. I say they have exclusive powers as it would be bad for the player to need to explode or carry something. This should probably be its own special thing beyond super powers, like a second tier so you can mix and match. The first set of powers is the explosion power. Four types of explosions, one is explode on death, the other is explode once the enemy reaches 75% through the screen, another is 50% and the last is 25%.

There already was an enemy that explodes on death before and when equipped with the super power, that enemy explodes into double the hail of bullets. Big enemies explode into double the bullets and big bullets at that.

The second set of powers is having an enemy carry things. Those four things that can be assigned are a random power-up, a random weapon, a coin and the new clock collectable. You can see the object being carried behind the enemy to give you a hint that you should probably destroy it. With the random power-ups and weapons, the enemy carries a crate. Once the enemy is dead, the crate opens.


When dealing with the logistics of having a game with a level and campaign editor, I try to think of the worst possible scenarios. Such as having a long campaign followed by a final level with 10 minutes of nothing and then a single, final enemy. That might get a bit dull, so to encourage good level design, I have a set countdown clock with a maximum time of 4 minutes. You have 4 minutes to get through a level. With that said, there are now clock collectables that add a full 60 seconds to the clock until its 4 minutes.

Of course the exploit would be to include a level that’s nothing but clocks for 10 minutes. Perhaps I should remove the clocks or limit a level to say 3 clocks.

Ignore the Shield Rechage. That statement has been fixed.


Here is the video with the level editor and everything covered in this update:

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