Foxland Update: A lot of frills and a new level

Someone I know took the time to play an alpha of Foxland and give me some feedback on it, so I spent the day working on Foxland. I’ve considered it done after the second week, but it could use more art to diversify the 30 minutes of game.

With his notes I tweaked levels, modified signs, added more signs including new arrow signs. A lot of people missed shortcuts after they were opened so dropping a few more arrow signs to guide the way should help.


In addition to the level tweaks, I spent three hours making a new level to hammock between the second and third levels. Its a simple 1 – 2 minute level that is straight forward with a lot of secrets along the way.

Its been two weeks since I made a level in one of my games after making 30 big levels in the span of 3 weeks. While I get burnt out designing so many levels back to back, it felt good to design a quick level that took 3 – 4 hours for all the details and secrets.

On top of that, I added some more frills from my recent two games. Players can now configure controls and set their own keys. Even though I try to keep the keys as simple as possible, this is always a good fallback for people that want to do things their own way.

There is now a toggle switch for scanlines. The game already had an old version of my scanline system, but I had removed it. Since I’ve noticed many people love scanlines (even my own fake scanlines) I have decided to include it in Foxland as an option.

The player character now has white shoes when he can perform a super stomp. This might change as the shoes for the sprite need to be enhanced. Before this update, the fox would change to a brighter shade of red. For a different game it would be easy to recolor the fox to say green, but foxes are so synonymous with red its tough to be anything other than the color.

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