OctorSpace Update: Weapon Selection


Well yesterday (every bit of it) was spent on a weapon selection system. When you pick your vessel, you select its three weapons. You see the weapons in action as you’re selecting them. The weapons are each side steps from one another. I can’t say something is more or less useful. If something fires more bullets at a time, it has a lower firing rate. Since you can now select your own weapons, it does break the balance that the three ships had with their unique default weapons. Chances are I will make these new weapons assigned to specific ships.

There are a bunch of stats for each weapon that I will probably add some more information to the vacant space where weapons are selected. The ships still have their own projectiles, but a few weapons fire specific projectiles.

Here is a video:

Here is a .gif of it in action:

The game keeps track of selected weapons for both players and it now specifies which player is selecting rather than a simple blinking P1 and P2.

As you will notice the point of projectile creation seems to be off despite the math being correct. Maybe its the sprite offset.


Oh and also I added a visible build counter for my own purposes. Looks like I’m up to 1,200+ Seems like I average 200 builds in a programming session which seems a bit high.

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