OctorSpace Update: Lighting System and Control Configuration


I spent yesterday’s session upgrading the menu to incorporate a keyboard control configuration. It lets you set two keys for each control as it is a two player game, so two players on one keyboard can still manage to play the game. AquaNimble has a system to rebind keys, but this is different and simpler. Its so simple I made this for a different project and transferred it over to OctorSpace with modifications for compatibility.


Another day later was spent making a lighting system for the game and play testing. Without playing the game in about six months I was still able to get through the tougher campaign in a single continue. Here is how OctorSpace looks now with the new lighting system:

I think from here its obvious from lack of Twitter response that I should focus on the game’s style due to lacking comments compared to my platformers and the other shmups.

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