OctorSpace Update: Continue System, Selectable Difficulty + More

Because I forgot to mention it, a few days ago, subtle fake scanlines like its 1999 graphic design have been added with an option to turn them off.


Yesterday’s programming session was productive. There is now a continue system in the game rather than infinitely letting you start the level you had a game over at.

A difficulty system has been added to the game with five settings. I doubt anyone will play beyond easy and easy does feel enjoyable as it is. Right now the difficulties are basic things like 5 continues for easy, 1 continue for hard, no continues for nightmare along with a maximum of one life so even if you earn an extra life via points or collectables, it means nothing. Each game over and continue lets the player select their pilot and ship again for the sake of diversity.



The last thing to note is that the settings menu has some additions. Glow effects can be toggled and there are now three settings for the HUD. The original setting is for the large, bulky HUD at the bottom, a more subtle top HUD and you can turn it off as there are a lot of cues to let you know what’s happening. When your ship has taken heavy damage it smokes. When you have a full special or full shield, there are now two lights to let you know. It was something people had always recommended as with shmups you’re supposed to look at your own vessel.

In this screen shot you can see the new HUD choice and the yellow light below the blue vessel indicating the special is fully charged.

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