OctorSpace: A Quick Recap of where we left off

Nine months ago I made OctorSpace. At the time I considered it done as that was all the time I had. Over the past nine months I’ve found time to work on it here and there.

After astro surfing, you have come across a marching band of octopi that seem to be having a parade. After translating their strange octoc language, you discover that its a death march to destroy Earth! Fun weapons, fun, powerful combat that will turn your enemies into fiery bits of space ash.

– Level editor lets you make levels and campaigns
– Procedural wave generation both from scratch and from pre built wave formations and patterns
– Different and unlockable pilots that affect stats
– More than a dozen power ups
– 3 default weapons you can change on the fly
– 7 extra weapons that shoot with drones and have limited ammo
– Shields that recharge when you shoot something
– Fun special attacks that are always charging. They charge more when you’re not shooting.
– 30+ enemy types
– Level editor lets you assign power ups to enemies for even more diversity
– Animated enemies
– Health lets you take plenty of damage along with a rechargeable shield that reflects projectiles
– 3 selectable vessels each with their own default weapons and specials
– Selectable Weapons to configure your ship
– Up to 2 players with multiple controller and keyboard support along with key rebinding


Stream Beam (each vessel has its own special and 3 unique weapons)

Pick a permanent upgrade at the end of each level from a random pool

A variety of enemies (cloakers, shooters, speeders)

Pilots with different stats and vessels with different weapons:

Level editor:

Level editor in action:

There is an in game level editor to make levels and campaigns:

Players and enemies now have power ups:

Levels can be generated so you don’t have to make them:


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