Pre-Release Update 4 & 5: Multiple Controllers used by Multiple Players

Pre-Release Update 4

– Added selectable control methods for 2 players. Such as player 1 can use controller 2. Two players can share 1 computer, one player can use a controller while the other uses the keyboard. A single player still has their control method detected.
– Removed controller rumble when using mouse controls
– Modified score background so it is more legible.
– Fixed rare issue with the game not loading scores correct.
– Fixed more font issues.
– Fixed crash related to the Unipig and 2 players.

Pre-Release Update 5

– Added Steam screenshot functionality.
– Added trail effect for particles. It might be a bit too much, but time and opinions will tell.
– Fixed leaderboards so they show 10 scores rather than 9.
– Fixed rare crash involving coin balloons.
– Fixed SpacePig’s background.
– Improved cakes so they have particles when you collect one and have a rumble effect.
– Modified music to pause during the pause screen, because you could be taking a call from the (insert name here).
– Modified leaderboard text and pushed the names a bit to the right so they no longer run into the rank number.
– Modified coin particle to be a coin.
– Removed unused files.
– Removed outline for damage effects.
– Removed ability to take screenshots using the right bumper.

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