Balloon Popping Pigs Manual


Balloon Popping Pigs is a simple game about popping other balloons while keeping your own three balloons from being popped. If all your balloons are gone, you will plummet. Points are granted by popping balloons, leveling up and collecting cakes. You can only burst a balloon when moving down.


The controls are easy enough, left, right and jump. By default you can use a keyboard or a controller. To move left or right, you can press A, D, left or right arrow on the keyboard. To jump you can press the space bar, W or up. As for the controller, left and right on the directional pad or analog stick will move your pig while the X (or button 3) will make you jump.


Each balloon you burst is worth 1 point x the current level. So a balloon burst on level 3 is worth 3 points. If you pop two or more balloons in a row without using the jump, then you get twice as many points.

To get a level up, you must plummet ten times as many enemies as the level. So level 3 would require you to plummet 30 enemies before you get to level 4. Each new level grants you a bonus of ten times the points. The higher the level, the more enemies and variety of enemies will spawn.


Double balloons appear once every minute and increase in frequency the longer you last. When you pop the balloon you are granted double points for each balloon popped, but the effect expires after a few seconds.

There is always a timer counting down. Each balloon burst grants you more time, but less time the further into the game you get. Running out of time will pop all three of your balloons.


Star balloons will restore one of your own balloons. Even when you are plummeting without any balloons, you can still catch a star balloon to add an extra balloon and get an achievement. If you already have three balloons, you will gain a full minute of time on the clock and score a “catch the cake” bonus.


Catch the cake is just that, cakes fall from the sky and enemies no longer spawn. Catching a cake is worth points and three times as many cakes fall for whatever level you are on. The higher the level, the faster cakes will drop.


You only get these bonuses playing games back-to-back. Bonuses include a double bonus and an amount of balloons based on the level of your consecutive bonus.

These bonuses start at 100 points and increase by another 100 points. So 100 points, 300 points, 600 points, 1,000 points and so on. If you exit the game, the consecutive bonuses will stop.


Collecting coins are to unlock pigs in the form of gifts. Why is it a gift? Because there is a random pig in the box. Its always a surprise and always a pig that you haven’t unlocked. Once all pigs are unlocked, you cannot open any more gifts.

Coins will appear every fifteen seconds and increase in frequency the further you go. If you pop a coin’s balloon that coin will plummet just like anything else would in the game.


Parrots fly forward. Even a falling enemy can burst your balloon. The higher your level, the faster birds can fly.

Toucans swoop up and down in a wave-like pattern and will only appear after a specific level.

Frogs leap from the bottom of the screen. There is no way to defeat them like birds. If they are on the right side of the screen, they will jump left. If they are on the left side they will jump right. They always jump from where they land and become a menace later in the game.


Customer Support

Customer Support is available in English only.

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