Balloon Popping Pigs Pre-Release Update 3: Now on the Steam, Catch the Cake

The game is now on the Steam and production continues with Steam features:

– Added “Catch the Cake” as a bonus when you pop a star balloon with all three of your balloons in tact. cake will drop from the sky and grant you points. This will give you a break from being attacked.
– Added monthly and weekly leaderboards rather than only best and daily.
– Added Steam cards, badges, emoticons and wallpapers are now live for all the testers. There are a few more emoticons that need to be approved.
– Added Steam cloud support that will be good for people who play on multiple computers or if you ever migrate over to a new computer.
– Modified enemy spawning to be once per second to prevent clusters of enemies in the later levels from becoming a wall.
– Modified enemy spawning when your own balloons are popped, enemies will spawn less for a moment. This is only noticeable in higher levels.

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