AquaNimble Greenlit and the D18 update

Earlier this week, Steam, Valve and the powers that be told me AquaNimble was Greenlit. While the news should have probably gone out then, I wanted to have more of a grander update than just a thank you. Oh yeah thanks to everyone that voted.

There are two things to celebrate, the first is a new video on “learn how to play AquaNimble.”

The second is that the D18 update is up over at GameJolt:

This new update brings about a few things:

  • Added glow to enemy bullets for increased visibility. The bullet is what hits you rather than the glow.
  • Fixed rumble on controller glitch on the player’s death when rumble was turned off.
  • Modified Legendary pattern enemies now circle longer for lesser difficulties.
  • Modified chain enemies to now move 25% slower on lesser difficulties.
  • Fixed enemy bullet collision.
  • Modified settings description for “stretching” the window.

Thank you all again for voting, following, favoriting and harassing your friends for AquaNimble.

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