Deciding to Start a Game Company

I have made a few video games now, but I’ve never had one on Steam. Once my game AquaNimble was Greenlit, Steam told me or suggested to become a company. I’m uncertain whether its a recommendation, suggestion, per-requisite or what to call it. You can still release a game on Steam under your own name, but since I have contracted people for their artistic talents that makes it more than me.

Once the company goes through it will be more than me just naming something. It will be a limited liability company. There are certain pros to having a company such as tax breaks and limiting liability for certain things. The process might take 5 – 10 weeks, but I’ll know more in 30 or so days when the lawyer pushes things through. All of this turns into another expense that is about 25% of the money I’ve spent on AquaNimble. Perhaps grander games that have spent more money, it would be less of a percentage.

So the name of the company? DrinkingNails LLC.

Why DrinkingNails? For the past decade each time I use mouthwash I toast the mirror… “To the pain.” As it turns out, that phrase is common and has been used a few times and chances are someone already has dibs on it. I started thinking of similar phrases that only I would say.

Then I remembered a story where my cousin and I were house sitting for her sister’s place. I made the mistake of drinking the tap water.

When I drank, it was terrible and I told my cousin “its like drinking nails!” Oh but there was a reason, since the homeowner was gone, neither of us knew to add a bag of salt to the water softener, so it was full of metal and rust.

Look before you leap and look at the water before you drink. After I spat it out, I looked and sure enough it was some ugly looking water.

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