AquaNimble D17 Update

The D17 Update is here with a bunch of performance enhancements, bug fixes and a screen stretch for windowed mode. You can download the latest demo here:

Here is a list of everything I can remember that was updated:

  • Added stretch to increase the window size. It does make the game go slower and that’s why I pulled it from the game.
  • Added window border so you can click, drag and move the window.
  • Improved frame rate even with the flame throwers and dragons.
  • Improved the visuals for the weapon power ups.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the game being unfocused during the 5 second quick instructions.
  • Fixed sound and music volumes saving.
  • Improved performance by cutting corners with the background, cash, particles and flame thrower. If you were getting 30 fps you will probably get a better frame rate, but I recommend medium or low quality in the settings.

Thank you to everyone that has given AquaNimble a chance and to everyone that has voted on the Steam Greenlight page. If you would like to vote, please give the link a click:

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