Balloon Popping Pigs on Steam Greenlight: The Broken Bottle over the Head

Well I put Balloon Popping Pigs on Steam Greenlight today. Its time to grab a shield, because I know this won’t end well.

The game was made for the PC on PC… but it was ported to mobile devices. It always had full 360 controller support, even in the menus and the PC will always be the superior version. For Steam I added 2 player support and more enemy variety. It will still be seen as a mobile game though and lesser than a PC game or more specific, lesser than Joust and Balloon Fight. Both games could be done on mobile anyway, so I should perhaps make my own version of the two classes before putting it on Steam.

I am putting it on Steam because I put money into the games I make. I want that money back out. Balloon Popping Pigs isn’t destine for greatness, although all success stories start with “and then someone famous played my game.”

Here is the Steam Greenlight trailer:

Here is the Steam Greenlight link. Feel free to give it whatever vote you want:

I expect it to get worse.

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