Pig Your Character Balloon Popping Pigs

My artist friend and I have been making a game for 2 days now. Its arcade, its simple and each time you play, it lasts about 2 – 3 minutes. So to give the game more mileage, we added unlockable pigs. So hey it turns a 3 minute game into 45 if you play them all once. Each pig has their own stats and as you can see there are still a few gaps to fill in. The bulk of the programming time was to add the selection menu itself over a span of two – four hours.

Extensive high scores were added. You have a daily high score, a real high score, a pig high score and your last score. To keep you in game, everything is just in the background. Balloons burst and other fun stuff like that. There is now a pause menu, but it only has touch screen and mouse support. That’s where the bulk of my programming session happened.

I started digging around in the Google Play store to discover just how many pigs attached to balloons there were. Any 2 word name we could think of was already taken, even Pig Poppers. See it sounds good until you start thinking about pigs exploding; then not so good.

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