Balloon Popping Pigs turned into a 24 hour game jam

After doing so well for the one hour game jam, my artist and I kept working on Balloon Popping Pigs. While the hosts were playing the game, we were still working. The game had issues, the game had problems, but that’s what you get for one hour of work.

I felt like I owed it to my artist to put all the art into the game. During the 1 hour, he gave me a title screen, extra enemies other than parrots and so I kept working. Then he kept working to improve the quick art. Its a vicious cycle I know. That’s one of the things I like with the new artist, we jam. I feel compelled to work when he does and work when I want to.

Here is what we had in 3 hours. This video was taken when the hosts were done on Twitch with the game jam.

Its still an easy game at that point, but there’s more in it and a lot of the issues were fixed and backgrounds were added.

Here is what we had in 24 hours:

Better graphics, all the problems were solved, sounds were added and it seems closer to a real game. My friends were thrilled and wowed by what we had done in literally 24 hours (4 pm to 4 pm). I have done other 24 hour game jams before and honestly it feels like too much work for me when I’ve done them so I usually turn into the guy that puts in 20% and the other guy has put in 80%. Of course the other guy is usually a programmer friend of mine.

You will notice the game is now wide screen, when the title screen is standard 4:3. The title screen was made during the one hour game jam, but I never added it. Game first, then frills. My artist friend always shows me to make a game “juicy” so I add things like score popups, happy sounds and a bonus thing for each level. Well a bonus that turns into a hazard as well.

3 hours of the 24 were putting the game on Android. I had put 1 other game on Android and that alone took 8 hours. To specify, not on Google Play, but just on Android. My friends loved it so much they want it on Android when I say its far better on PC. Controller support and it just plays better in general. However, its a simple game.

For anyone curious, check out the 1 hour game jam:

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