Balloon Popping Pigs is here for Free on Android

My artist and I have finished a quick game called Balloon Popping Pigs.

Here is the brief trailer:

We started the game as part of the One Hour Game Jam four weeks ago. The game itself felt finished after only mere a week. The three extra weeks were for the menu, Google Play integration with leaderboards and achievements. I had made an Android game in 24 hours before, but never with the frills and integration.

Its one of those simple to play games that manages to be fun for a minute, fun for an hour. After testing the game far too long its tough to put down. Of course I say that since I developed it, but I’d be the first person to get bored with it and tweak things to make it more fun.

There’s a timer to give a sense of danger, but popping balloons adds more time. The thing is the timer never expires. My 3 balloons are popped long before the timer hits 0. To keep things interesting, there are star balloons to replenish a balloon or give you a full minute on the timer. Other than that, there are double balloons that give you double points. Hopping on two balloons without jumping will double the points as well.

Just to warn people, there are ads after you play for 10 minutes. Then the ads happen every 4 – 5 minutes after you die. With that said, you are rewarded for ads and you are warned 2 seconds ahead of time that yes there’s an ad coming so do not accidentally click an ad. That’s our model.

Here is the link to the Android Google Play Store for the Free download:

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