ViralMarket Manual (WIP)


This game and manual are still both a work in progress.


Welcome to Grindmore Grocery, before the pandemic, it was a bustling grocery store full of goods. During a pandemic, it has turned into a dangerous place with more viruses than food and patrons.

Shinny beacons contain items based on what object you find them in, such as chicken will only be found in a freezer. Each shinny beacon has a 1% chance of being something on your shopping list. Every 3 rooms of the grocery store will contain a guaranteed item on your list within a shinny beacon.


You have 30 minutes to do the following:

  • Collect the items on your shopping list.
  • Pay for items at checkout in the front of the store.
  • Make it out of the store… alive.


After you press start (or enter) in the title screen, you will be taken to the menu that has the following options:

  • Play game
  • Abilities (to set or purchase passive abilities to aide you in the game)
  • Setup (to change the length of the game)
  • Settings (to change the game window size, and the volume of sounds and music)
  • Seed (to tweak what randomness you’ll be playing)


There are a few things to tweak to make your game shorter or longer.

  • Shopping list length +/- 1 item under 10. +/- 2 when 10.
  • Guaranteed shopping items contain a guaranteed shopping item so you spend less time searching random shinny beacons on shelves.
  • Sink rooms have sinks, where you can wash your hands for full health and other perks.


Here is where you can set up to four passive abilities from abilities you’ve purchased in the shop. These abilities are passively used during gameplay. Assign your abilities wisely, because they cannot be changed in game.

The ability shop lets you purchase from four abilities. To get a fresh selection of four new abilities in the store, use the refresh store, and pay the small fee fee. Abilities have 10 strengths. The higher the strength, the more rare it is and higher price it is. The shop will only generate ability strengths one above the highest ability strength you own.


Movement = WSAD or arrow keys
Sprint = X or shift key
Menu = P or escape key
Menu Back = X or shift key
Menu Confirm = CTRL or Enter key


Movement = L-stick or D-pad
Sprint = A button
Menu = Start button
Menu Back = B button
Menu Confirm = A button


Rudy can see the wanderers on the map. Touching a wanderer will commit you to battle against enemies. These wanderers have different movement patterns:

  • Guarding: Will stay anchored and attack when someone draws neer.
  • Seekers: Will seek out rudy wherever he is in a room.
  • Standing: Stays where it is and never moves.
  • Wanders: Have a set anchor they won’t wander far from.
  • Pacers: Walk back and forth. When stopped by objects, they will turn around.
  • Bouncers: Will go forward until they bump into something and then select a new random direction.

After a battle, the wanderer you had defeated will never return, and the nearby wanderers will disappear, but return later.


Battles consist of your heroes (up to 3), against single or several enemies. Each character has several actions in battle:

  • Attack (a foe)
  • Skill (costs mana)
  • Limit (builds up slowly with actions during battle)
  • Guard (to defend when low on HP)
  • Item (use an item)
  • Run (when you want out of a battle)

The battle is over when there are either no more heroes or no more enemies.


For each attack, special, or limit used in battle, the battle meter will appear. This fast paced meter will guarantee you a critical move if you press the button when the cursor is over the red, and will miss if you hit the button over the gray.

Beyond the battle meter, each character and enemy has their own chance for a critical hit and miss. Each enemy and character have their own chance of evasion and accuracy.


  • Attack: Medium crit chance
  • Special: Damages all foes (use when fighting many foes)
  • Limit: Damages a single foe (use on high HP foes)


  • Attack: High crit chance
  • Special: Gives ally slower battle meter (use in long battles)
  • Limit: Damages several random foes (use when fighting many foes or a single high HP foe)


  • Attack: Low crit chance
  • Special: Adds extra chance to attack (use in long battles)
  • Limit: Damages all foes (use when fighting many foes with high HP)


  • Attack: Low crit chance
  • Special: Restores HP to party member (use when low HP)
  • Limit: Damages all foes + restores HP to all party (use when low HP or when fighting many foes)


After the first few rooms, you will start finding doors blocking the next room. To get keys, you’ll either need to be lucky enough to find one in a shinny beacon on the map, or you’ll need to defeat a wanderer in the room with the door. Wanderers in the room have enough keys for the doors, so if a room has 2 locked doors, 2 wanderers will have keys. You can use a key on any lock in the store whether it’s the room you found the key in or not.


If you’re low on health, or feel a need to be sanitary, visit a sink to compete in a mini game for rewards:

  • 20% = full health
  • 60% = full mana
  • 80% = bonus bucks
  • 90% = bonus bucks (again)
  • 95% = full limit

The mini game has falling arrows. You’re required to press the direction of the arrow as close to the arrow’s center to baseline. Each successful press gives you 25% of that arrow’s score. The other 75% of the score is based on how far away from the center you were. Once all the arrows have gone past the baseline, you’ll be given your final score and rewarded with prizes.


Once you’ve collected everything on your shopping list, you can use a checkout at the store entrance to pay for your haul and exit.

If you’re over encumbered, pay a visit to the service desk to return your items. The service desks are usually at the checkout, but can be found in other places too.


Once Rudy collects all the items on his shopping list, pays for them at the checkout, and finally exits Grindmore Grocery, you’ll be given a score. With this score, you can use it to purchase abilities from the ability shop.


If all your heroes are defeated at the same time, it’s game over. At the game over screen, you’re given a score. With this score, you can use it to purchase abilities from the ability shop. Through wise purchases in the ability shop and setting abilities, you’ll do better next time. Get back in there and buy Dad’s groceries!



Support is always here:

Customer Support is available in English only.

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