Starship Weaver Manual


Welcome to Star Weaver, where you weave in and out of projectiles and foes in this infinite space shooter.

Press up or down to cycle through topics.


There are two modes, traditional will give you full control of your ship’s movement. It has less time and 2 player health.

One-button will switch directions each time you press the shoot button. Holding the button will hold you in place. It grants double starting time and 5 player health.


  • Play game: Where you select between modes and play the game
  • Settings: Can set a few game options
  • Manual: Is where to learn more about the game
  • High Scores: shows a list of the top 10 high scores


  • Title Screen: Returns you from the game to the title screen
  • Exit: Is how you return to Earth and the real world


With a controller or with a keyboard. You have a timer at the top left of the screen and a score at the top right.


  • D-pad or left analog stick to move
  • X button to shoot
  • center button to pause


  • Arrow keys or WSAD to move
  • Ctrl button to shoot
  • Escape button to pause


Defeating 10 foes will increase your level resulting in bonus points, bonus time, and foes will be worth more points.

Small asteroids are 1 point, large asteroids are worth 3 points, and enemy vessels are worth 3 points. Those are the base points, then you add the level’s worth of points. So level 2 would add 1 extra point for each enemy destroyed.


Catching that ship will add that ship to your own. You will have their firepower and they follow your ship. If your primary ship is destroyed, they take over as your primary ship. You can have up to 4 ships in your squadron.

Bonus ships will appear every 60 seconds after the first ship at 20 seconds.


With leveling up comes more difficulty. For every 10 levels enemy ships fire more projectiles. Every 25 levels and their health goes up by one. Having more ships in your squadron means more enemies appear to make things hectic.


There are unlimited lives, but with the first death, your timer is reduced by 5 seconds. Each death after that will double the time reduced. 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds and so on.

It will take 3 seconds to bring a new ship into the fight.


When you are out of time, your game is over. You will be taken to a game over screen where you first view your score along with the high score followed by a list of top 10 scores along with how you ranked.


There are only 3 types of foes:

  • Ships: Have medium health, fly forward, and can shoot after the first level.
  • Big Asteroids: Have high health and will explode into five mini asteroids if destroyed far enough away from starship Weaver.
  • Mini Asteroids: Bounce around and have the lowest health.


This is a game jam slapped together using an art asset pack. I tried to put a twist on things since it is my 5th ship shooter and the art resources were good, but limited. It was made over 5 days and 15 hours.


A quick game by:
Geoffrey Johnson

with pixel art perfection from:
Luis Zun

Music composed by:
[Ozuka Music]


Customer Support

Customer Support is available in English only.

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