Flame Sword #21: Hang Time

There are now specific objects the player can hang from to make gameplay more dynamic. There hasn’t been a new level mechanic in a long time and it’s worth adding these areas to shorter previous demo maps.

To hang on there, all it takes is jumping on and when you’re moving down the hang happens. From there you can jump up or double tap down to drop off. You can also hold down and press jump to drop off. The down and jump method felt clunky, but the double tap to drop could lead to accidents. Not that there’s any reason to hold down while hanging, but accidents happen depending on the D-pad. You can also attack while hanging and the game has specific solid objects to hang from, there is just no art for these objects.

Another part of the fun to hanging beneath the platforms is the player retains their smooth speed and it doesn’t slow down the gameplay, momentum, and joy.

The thought of walking on top of these railings has crossed my mind, but I feel like that would just ruin the need for this mechanic. Specific platforms can always be made to both hang from and walk on top of.

I should also point out that the cheat console is able to spawn a series of these platforms to hang from. Cheat console makes testing everything far easier and efficient. I recommend everyone add one to their game.


While I’m here, I should also talk about after hitting 1,000 Twitter followers it’s gotten a bit more uphill. The things I post end up getting our low end of likes which is 130, which is still far better than I was doing last year. The interesting thing is that even with more followers, we’re still getting the same amount of likes. More importantly there just aren’t as many followers. What used to be 100 new followers a week has turned into 20 – 40. Not quite a complaint so much as a reality that the sponge is squeezing dry and its probably time to get some more environments.

Our likes seem to truly live on other accounts with big amounts of followers who aren’t following that many others retweeting the posts.

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